The Aquarius

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Horoscope Analysis:

An Aquarius will claim to have seen Jerry Garcia in their Froot Loops at least once in their lifetime. Froot Loops are a very Aquarian cereal. Count Chocula is off-limits, however. It belongs to the Scorpios. Aquarians use the phrase "Dude, man..." frequently when describing philosophical concepts. Aquarians are fun because they channel people. Plus, if you tell them to, they will run around naked. Aquarians like astronomy because they've been to all those places. If you want to know what the food is like on Saturn, ask an Aquarius. They can also walk on water if they try really really hard. This usually happens in the bathtub.

Technical Specifications

Light Transmission      - 12%

Lens   -  2.8mm Polycarbonate

Width  - 127mm

Shipped from Pit Viper in Salt Lake City, UT.