The 1993 Mirror

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The latest in the Pit Viper Revolution. We bring you a silver mirror lens that would make The Terminator himself jealous.

THE 1993, Jonathan Taylor Thomas only wishes he had a pair of these back in the day. The lime green base with pink and purple splatter is going to drop your Matchbox 20 jaws. Are you a Vanilla Ice karaoke master? Do you make frisbee look cool? Well we can all agree on two things: Bill Clinton would have gotten away with much more if he had just worn Pit Vipers, and you need these for your next Top Gun beach volleyball scene. 

Technical Specifications

Light Transmission  - 10%

Lens   -  2.8 mm Polycarbonate 

Width  - 127mm

Shipped from Pit Viper in Salt Lake City, UT.