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As Nevada Natives, we know a thing or two about the inside of Casinos. 1. They have carpet that looks just like these gloves. And 2. They are full of tweakers that will ask the bell desk for a free phone charger and scan ash trays for cigs that haven't been completely smoked to the butt. Alas, THE REFRY was born. A glove that won't protect you from the "Max Bet" buttons that literally never get wiped down, but pays homage to our BMX bike riding brethren looking to charge their droid. 

  • NEW 4-Way Stretch Poly Spandex Top
  • Microfiber Amara Palm
  • Sublimation Print
  • Velcro STRAP-ON Wrist Closure
  • Silicon Finger Grip
  • Sick as F*CK